Labor tracking App for tracking Labor Hours & Cost on mobile devices!

Expertly-designed software, easy-to-use interface.

Labor Tracking Pro V1.0

Menu-Driven and Easy to Use !!!

Labor Tracking App that tracks Labor Hours and Labor Cost. Capable of tracking multiple concurrent jobs .  Designed for Professionals and  Businesses to track labor hours and cost for individual employees,   groups,  cost centers, production machines, and production lines. Works as  a mobile time clock and a mobile  timesheet.

Track Labor Hours & Cost "On-The-Go" !!!

Mobile Labor Hours Tracking and Labor Cost Tracking  for smart phones and tablets "on-the-go".  All jobs  run concurrently without the need to stop a job to start  another? No internet connection required?  No need to keep the device on  all the time!

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 Fully Functional Free Labor Tracking App that tracks Labor Hours and Labor Cost? Advanced version with GPS and "Back-Office" software available! 

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